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Get a Passport in New Jersey

The New Jersey Passport Office specializes in 24-hour passport expediting, passport renewal and services for New Jersey residents who have had their passport lost or stolen, need a passport with a name change, or have never applied for a passport but need one fast for travel. If you are living in New Jersey and in need of a new or replacement passport quickly in order to have it by your scheduled date of travel, contact us - and we will help you with all of your planning needs!

Are you in need of a replacement US passport before you leave for an international trip? Whether you've lost your passport, you are in need of emergency travel document renewal, your passport has been lost or stolen, or you've never had a passport, our staff at New Jersey Passport Office will help you prepare for your applications quickly and painlessly.

Was your passport lost or stolen recently? New Jersey Passport Office can help you replace it in time for your travel plans, saving you the time and expense of having to rebook your flights and hotels.

New Jersey Passport Office also offers visa services expedited, so if you are in need of a visa for your trip, our experts can assist you with that part of your planning as well!

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